Balancier See Saw Auto pourer for absinthe

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The Balancier See Saw Auto Pourer allows you to add a touch of tradition to the absinthe experience, also known as Auto Verseur Cusenier or rocker. This stainless steel piece is a must-have for any absinthephile and allows you to add water and optional sugar to a glass of absinthe with elegance and ease. Place the Balancer on the rim of your glass, fill the reservoir with ice and water, and watch the rocking motion of the lever as it dispenses the water onto the sugar cube. Once the concoction drops into the glass, you can mix and enjoy the absinthe to your liking. The Balancer is designed for a single serving and features adjustable legs to fit a variety of glasses. For the full experience, purchase the glass, spoon and sugar separately. Choose your style and enjoy the perfect absinthe every time.

* Glass, spoon and sugar in photos are sold separately.

Stainless steel.
Height 12.1cm.
Approximately 3" diameter.
The legs can be carefully adjusted to fit a variety of glasses.

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Informazioni Aggiuntive
Informazioni Aggiuntive
Weight 0,3 kg
Dimensions 12,1 cm




Stainless steel



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