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Grille Étoile Absinthe Spoon Grille Étoile Absinthe Spoon
The Grille Étoile absinthe spoon is a star-shaped spoon that fits well in most glasses, whatever the size. Thanks to the large, perforated grate, sugar and water can easily drip into the absinthe glass. The three points rest on the edge of the glass and the sugar cube can be placed in the centre. This is an exact reproduction of a late 19th and early 20th century absinthe spoon. 9 cm long from arm to arm.
Price 8,50 
The La Feuille d'Absinthe spoon for absinthe is a spoon much desired by aficionados. The grid of the spoon depicts the sagebrush plant, Artemisia absinthium (the key ingredient in absinthe). The absinthe plant is wrapped in a ribbon which, in vintage spoons, often contained an advertising text. The bottom of the spoon has a small grooved area which was originally used to divide large sugar cubes into lumps, previously divided sugar lumps were not yet available. The spoon is an exact reproduction of the original 19th century model.
Price 8,50 
The la fleur absinthe spoon has a decorated style and is among the most used in France, this faithful reproduction is considered one of the most collected antique absinthe spoons in the world. It is shaped like a flower with a large flat surface perfect for leaning against large absinthe glasses. The grid is equipped with 10 circular slots on which the sugar is placed and then cold water is poured or dripped. This is an exact reproduction of an antique absinthe spoon from the turn of the last century. A dishwasher safe stainless steel spoon.
Price 8,50 
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