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Verse-Eau Taillé glass pourer for absinthe Verse-Eau Taillé glass pourer for absinthe
The Verse-Eau Taillé (faceted) glass pourer for absinthe is a unique vessel used to delicately add water (and sugar, if desired) to absinthe. This magnificent object is a faithful reproduction of a glass brouilleur dating back to the end of the 19th century, a work highly coveted by collectors and difficult to find. Using the Taillé Verse-Eau glass pourer is simple but fascinating: you pour a small glass of absinthe into the glass and then place the Verse-Eau on top of it. Next, you place the ice inside the Verse-Eau glass and proceed to slowly pour the water, using a decanter or jug, over the ice. The ice water will then begin to flow through a small hole in the bottom of the absinthe glass below. It is important to be careful not to completely fill the Verse-Eau with water, as this may result in excessive dilution of the glass of absinthe or addition of more water than personal preference. We recommend pouring in small amounts of water gradually, allowing you to taste and adjust the absinthe before adding excessive amounts. Each Verse-Eau has a hole in the bottom which may vary from one example to another, as each is mouth blown. This hole is made manually with a diamond drill, giving each piece a slight variation that makes it unique. For use with sugar, we recommend placing a cube (or multiple stacked cubes) over the hole before adding ice and water. This will slow down the flow of water as the sugar acts as an obstacle. As the sugar begins to dissolve in the water, the sugar water will begin to flow into the glass of absinthe, further enriching the sensory experience. * Tumbler, and other accessories in the photos are sold separately. Hand blown glass. Hand-cut facets around the glass. Measures 9.5cm wide x 5cm high. The base of the pourer fits a glass with a mouth of 8.2 cm or less.
Price 13,00 
Brouilleur absinthe pourer with 3 legs Brouilleur absinthe pourer with 3 legs
With Brouilleur absinthe pourer you can prepare your absinthe perfectly. Thanks to this dispensing system, you can slowly add water and sugar to the absinthe, regulating the speed at which the sugar dissolves. Place the pourer on the edge of the glass, fill the dispenser with ice and add the sugar cubes to the tray, add water at short intervals and enjoy your personalized absinthe. Remember that absinthe is a personal experience, so mix and taste to find the perfect flavor for you. * Glass, spoon and sugar in the photos are sold separately. The wire legs can be carefully bent to fit a variety of glass sizes. Stainless steel. Measures 6" tall. Diameter approximately 8 cm.
Price 26,90 
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