Absinthe La Grenouille Absinthe La Grenouille
Absinthe La Grenouille is now available, it is with great pleasure that Assenzi originale.it brings Stefano Rossoni's absinthes back on the market. The first to be created is La Grenouille: in this absinthe he decided to use a more robust and sweeter profile of anise and fennel, concentrating at the same time on enhancing an intense, captivating aromatic profile, which includes warm, exotic notes that bring to mind summer, the sun, the sea and some unique ingredients in the Mediterranean scrub. A little anecdote that led to the name of this absinthe: "After finalizing the recipe (which still didn't have a name at the time), I took it to a friend and absinthe expert to get his opinion. While we were sitting at a small table sipping the absinthe I had brought, my friend exclaimed: “This absinthe is really a bitch!” I obviously immediately understood that his comment was not at all derogatory, on the contrary, it was the clearest and genuine sign that I had achieved my goal: to have created an absinthe that seduced and captivated like a femme fatale or courtesan of yesteryear! From here we therefore tried to find a name that reflected the personality of the absinthe I had created, but with more After a couple of other glasses of absinthe, the idea was born to call it La Grenouille, that is the nickname that the Parisians of the late nineteenth century had given to the uninhibited girls, in search of adventures, who frequented the seaside resort on the Seine called La Grenouillère , immortalized by Monet and Renoir." cit. Stephen Rossoni. What better name, therefore, to reflect not only the seductive character of La Grenouille, but also its summery, sunny and island character! ASSENZIORIGINALE.IT INDICATIONS: ANISE : ★★★★☆ BITTERNESS : ★★★☆☆☆ SWEETNESS : ★★★★☆ HERBACEOUS HINTS: ★★★★★ FLORAL HINTS : ★★★★ ★ COMPLEXITY :★★★★ ★
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