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La Croix Suisse absinthe spoon
The La Croix Suisse Absinthe Spoon is a faithful reproduction of an absinthe spoon of Swiss origins, home of absinthe. The design includes a cross in the center of the grill, the national symbol of Switzerland, recognized globally as a sign of quality in the world of absinthe. This cross, in addition to being a distinctive element, facilitates the dropping of sugar and water into the glass during preparation. The La Croix Suisse absinthe spoon is essential for preparing absinthe in the traditional way, both French and Swiss. To prepare a traditional absinthe, you pour an ounce of absinthe into a special glass, place the spoon on top of the glass with a piece of sugar and let the ice water flow slowly from a fountain, a carafe or a scale. The cold, sweetened water filters through the spoon and falls into the glass of absinthe, releasing essential oils and flavoring the air with notes of fennel, wormwood and anise. The mixture then takes on a milky white hue, following the reaction with the anise. The spoon measures 16.6 cm in length and is made of chrome over brass, a material that guarantees long life without dulling. Plus, it's dishwasher safe for quick and easy maintenance.
Price 8,50 
Les Cœurs absinthe spoon
The Les Cœurs Absinthe Spoon, commonly known as the "heart spoon", owes its name to the elegant heart-shaped carvings located in the center of the handle, which create a fascinating decorative pattern. These spoons are faithful reproductions of the first models of absinthe spoons, which resembled what we now call teaspoons. Made of high-quality stainless steel, the spoon is designed to hold a sugar cube when preparing a traditional absinthe, whether French or Swiss. During the ritual, the spoon is turned upside down and placed over the glass, with the sugar cubes lodged in the delicate heart-shaped cutouts. The Les Cœurs Absinthe Spoon is among the longest available, suitable to fit most glasses. It is an accurate reproduction of a mid-19th century absinthe spoon, making it a piece of great interest to collectors and enthusiasts. Making traditional absinthe begins by pouring a gram of absinthe into an absinthe glass, then placing the spoon over the glass with a sugar cube. Ice water is slowly poured over the cube from a fountain, jug or scale, allowing the sugar to melt and mix with the absinthe. As the water combines with the anise, the absinthe begins to take on a characteristic milky white colour, releasing aromatic scents of fennel, wormwood and anise.
  • Measures 17.1cm long.
  • Stainless steel.
  • It doesn't fog up.
  • Dishwasher safe.
Price 8,00 
Uncarved Pontarlier absinthe glass Uncarved Pontarlier absinthe glass
The Pontarlier Absinthe Glass is perhaps the oldest and most popular of absinthe glasses. Although slight variations of this glass exist, this style is considered the quintessential traditional Pontarlier absinthe glass but without the facets. It was originally named after the name given to it in an advertisement for the leading absinthe manufacturer of the time, Pernod Fils. This advertisement was published in the newspaper of the brand's hometown, Pontarlier, France. Given the popularity of the company, the newspaper was sent throughout France, which only increased awareness of Pernod Fils and the Pontarlier glass. Made in the same proportions as an original Pontarlier glass, including the reservoir. The reservoir is the area used to measure how much absinthe to use for one glass. The size of the tank is usually related to the size of the glass used. The tank measures 25ml, which is par for the course for an absinthe glass of this size. It is a machine-printed glass, therefore thick and resistant, ideal for intensive use in a bar or restaurant.
  • Mouth-blown glass.
  • Measures approximately 14cm tall.
  • The mouth measures approximately 8.2cm in diameter.
  • The foot measures approximately 3 inches in diameter.
  • Contains approximately 26.5 cl.
Price 12,99 
Absinthe Coupe glass Absinthe Coupe glass
The Absinthe Coupe Absinthe Glass reproduces one of the most interesting ancient absinthe glasses. Although it resembles a French champagne glass, this glass was made specifically for use with absinthe. Made to the same measurements as an original Coupe glass, including the tank. The reservoir is the bottom part of the glass that is used to measure the amount of absinthe to add, making it easy for the consumer to know the exact amount of absinthe to pour. The size of the tank is usually related to the size of the glass used, as the ratio of water to absinthe varies depending on the drinker (usually 3-5 parts water to 1 part absinthe). The reservoir of this "glass" measures 25 ml, which is the norm for an absinthe glass of this size. It is a machine-printed glass, therefore thick and resistant, ideal for intensive use in a bar or restaurant. Machine-printed glass. Measures 8.6cm in diameter and 14.6cm in height. The glass contains 23.6 cl. The tank holds approximately 25 ml.  
Price 12,99 
Balancier See Saw Auto pourer for absinthe Balancier See Saw Auto pourer for absinthe
The Balancier See Saw Auto Pourer allows you to add a touch of tradition to your absinthe experience, also known as Auto Verseur Cusenier or rocker. This stainless steel piece is a must-have for any absintheophile and allows you to add water and optional sugar to a glass of absinthe with elegance and ease. Place the Balancier on the edge of the glass, fill the reservoir with ice and water, and watch the swinging motion of the lever as it distributes the water over the sugar cube. Once the mixture falls into the glass, you can stir and enjoy the absinthe to your liking. The Balancier is designed for a single serve and features adjustable legs to fit a variety of glasses. For the full experience, purchase the glass, spoon and sugar separately. Choose your style and enjoy the perfect absinthe every time. * Glass, spoon and sugar in photos are sold separately. Stainless steel. Height 12.1 cm. Diameter approximately 7.6 cm. The legs can be carefully adjusted to fit a variety of glasses.
Price 37,90 
Brouilleur absinthe pourer with 3 legs Brouilleur absinthe pourer with 3 legs
With Brouilleur absinthe pourer you can prepare your absinthe perfectly. Thanks to this dispensing system, you can slowly add water and sugar to the absinthe, regulating the speed at which the sugar dissolves. Place the pourer on the edge of the glass, fill the dispenser with ice and add the sugar cubes to the tray, add water at short intervals and enjoy your personalized absinthe. Remember that absinthe is a personal experience, so mix and taste to find the perfect flavor for you. * Glass, spoon and sugar in photos are sold separately. The wire legs can be carefully bent to fit a variety of glass sizes. Stainless steel. Measures 6" tall. Diameter approximately 8 cm.
Price 26,90 
By buying the Absinthe starter kit accessories you save a lot of 10% and order everything you need to better enjoy this fantastic distillate. Includes a hand blown glass torsade absinthe fountain, perfect for pouring the water used in the traditional absinthe ritual. It is equipped with 4 plastic taps. 4 Absinthe Coupe glasses with measuring tank and 4 stainless steel spoons perfect for tasting absinthe with sugar.  
Original price was: 145,96 €.Current price is: 131,36 €.
The La Feuille d'Absinthe spoon for absinthe is a spoon much desired by aficionados. The grid of the spoon depicts the sagebrush plant, Artemisia absinthium (the key ingredient in absinthe). The absinthe plant is wrapped in a ribbon which, in vintage spoons, often contained an advertising text. The bottom of the spoon has a small grooved area which was originally used to divide large sugar cubes into lumps, previously divided sugar lumps were not yet available. The spoon is an exact reproduction of the original 19th century model.
Price 8,50 
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