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21st edition of the Absinthiades of Pontarlier

21st edition of the Absinthiades of Pontarlier

The Absinthiades are back on September 30th and October 1st!


The “Absinthiades” are much more than just a gathering: they are a celebration of performance, similar to the Olympics. These meetings aim to comprehensively cover the topic of absinthe over a weekend, offering visitors exhibitions, conferences, meetings with authors, cabaret evenings, visits to distilleries and even a tasting competition. The goal is to give Pontarlier back its noble titles in the absinthe field.

As a major cultural event, the “Absinthiades” invite you on a journey through time to relive the mythical atmosphere of the “absinthe years”. Absinthe, through this festival, reveals itself in its complexity, combining history, culture and legend to create a compelling and enriching experience.
This is the program for the two days:
21st edition of the Absinthiades of Pontarlier

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