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revenge of absinthe

There revenge of absintheTHE REVENGE OF ABSINTH

Today we wanted to have some fun with chatGPT and DALL-E 2, we asked him to write us a story about a bottle of absinthe whose rival is gin. This is the result generated by the two AIs!!!
Here is the short story on our website!

“The story begins in a town where gin bottles are the bullies of the neighborhood, putting down everyone who is different from them. Among these bottles, was an old bottle of absinthe, abandoned in a dark and dusty corner of a liquor store. The absinthe bottle was sad and lonely, feeling worthless and unaccepted by the other bottles.”

“One day, however, the bottle of absinthe meets a group of bottles of different spirits, tequila, vodka and rum, which help it discover its true strength and its unique value. Together, this group of liquor bottlers begin to work to convince all of the gin bottlers and city dwellers that their country's bottles of absinthe are also reputable and capable of defeating the gin bullies.

“The absinthe bottle and his new group of friends begin traveling around the city, talking to the other bottles and human inhabitants of the locations they visit, proving to them that absinthe bottles are important and unique. They encounter many difficulties along the way, encountering prejudices and more serious issues such as discrimination, but they do not give up and continue to fight for their right to acceptance.”

“Eventually, the bottle of absinthe and his group of friends manage to convince all the bottles of gin and the townspeople that bottles of absinthe are important and worthy of respect. The bottle of absinthe becomes a respected and loved leader in the bottle community, proving that even the smallest and most overlooked things can make a big difference in the world.”

For what we at Assenzi have been able to interpret, the story that AI wanted to tell us is a message of acceptance and respect for diversity, encouraging people to look beyond appearances and evaluate the unique and special qualities of each individual . Did you like it?

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