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Cocktails with Absinthe


COCKTAIL WITH ABSINTH – the clandestine

Inspired by the classic Caipirinha, the Clandestino is a cocktail with fresh absinthe and very easy to make!

Ingredients for 1 glass:

Il clandestino takes its cue from the famous Caipirinha il Brazilian cocktail par excellence, in this version the Cachaca (a very aromatic and fruity distillate extracted from sugar cane juice) using absinthe as the main ingredient, in our case we recommend the use of Absinthe La Clandestine Charlotte!

Absinthe La clandestine blanche

Perfect like Aperitif drinks to be served iced, the Clandestino sweetens your evenings during meals, perhaps serving it combined with spicy foods or sushi.


  1. To prepare Il Clandestino first cut the half lime into wedges and pound it in the cocktail glass together with the brown sugar and a drop of Absinthe
  2. Now fill the glass with ice, pour in the remaining absinthe and stir gently. Your alternative Caipirinha is ready to be served!

We recommend drinking the cocktail a few minutes after mixing in order to refine the flavors and the overall taste! 

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